The Bump Diaries : Week 18

I am a little nervous this week. Our morphology scan is scheduled for today and I always get anxious around the time of big scan. At this stage I’ve been having scans at my OB regularly and growth etc has all been on track, but I can’t help but get slightly worried when a big scan date is looming.

I’ve been feeling emotional this week. I’ve been crying for no reason, especially when it comes to Emmy. I have feelings of guilt about expanding our tribe. I thought one baby would be manageable, but two. TWO BABIES AT THE SAME TIME – how will she cope? How will I cope!? ! I am worried about my relationship with her… How will I divide my time? Can I even love anything as much as I love her?

I am definitely feeling the babies move now, which is good, because I feel like I need that connection with them. I feel like I need to start the bonding process to put some of my fears at ease.

This week has all been all about the tears… and salt and pepper tofu. I can’t just can’t seem to get enough of that. Next stop… morphology scan!

Amy is wearing the Sierra Tee Dress.


Thanks to Amy Shipp from Mum Life Project who is currently pregnant with twins, and Jade from Hipster Mumfor collaborating on this amazing project!