Welcome to Blossom & Glow!

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Kathryn.

I’m a mum (of two perfect boys), a wife, an Instagram addict, a lover all things beautiful, a student, a bit of a stress head, an entrepreneur, and most recently, a meditation convert!

My journey to creating Blossom & Glow began during my two pregnancies. I envisaged wearing stylish maternity pieces that would see me through the pregnancy and then breastfeeding.  Alas it was not meant to be – I could not find a thing that I liked that wasn’t exorbitantly priced, and I wore clothing that was a couple of sizes too big and stretched my everyday clothes over my bump.  The second time around, I wore boring basics purchased online as the thought of scouring shops for stylish maternity wear with a two year old in tow just wasn’t appealing at all (funny that!).

Kathryn Nursing Mini August 2014 - Low Res (13 of 18)

When the time came for breastfeeding attire, I was disappointed again (and really frustrated too!).  I wanted to avoid the typical cross-over feeding tees and went on the hunt to find stylish tops where I could look good (and not pregnant!), feed, and feel comfortable.  All whilst adjusting to my new post-baby body.  Who would have thought that would be such a hard find?!

And that’s when my third baby, Blossom & Glow was born!  I embarked on a mission to help women feel gorgeous during this amazing time, and set out to find beautiful, on-trend clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, and all stages of motherhood. And guess what?  I succeeded!  And that’s why you’re here!

You will find fabulous garments for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and running around after kids; and accessories including scarves, maternity underwear and gorgeous nightwear. All items are individually selected with the busy, yet stylish mum in mind and have been sourced from around the globe, including Australia, The Netherlands, UK and US.

Enjoy shopping at Blossom & Glow, and all the very best with your own motherhood journey!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or if there is something particular you would like to see available.

Thanks for popping by!