The Bump Diaries : Week 17

I am 16 weeks pregnant, but already have a pretty decent sized “bump”. The realisation of just how big I am going to be by the end of this pregnancy is starting to hit home; TWINS – I still can’t believe it.

I am retaining fluid EVERYWHERE and despite exercising 3 times a week and eating WAY healthier than I did when I was pregnant with Emmy – I just seem to be ballooning.

I think I am starting to feel the babies move now which is exciting and this second trimester has brought with it 2 things – itchy skin and a renewed sense of energy. I was SO tired in that first trimester that I once fell asleep in the toilet cubicle at work for 10 minutes. Fun times. Ha!

Amy wears the amazing Cold Shoulder Dress.

The Bump Diaries : Week 17

Thanks to Amy Shipp from Mum Life Project who is currently pregnant with twins, and Jade from Hipster Mumfor collaborating on this amazing project!