The Story Behind The Headband

June 26, 2015

What began as a morning spending time with my mum and grandma, quickly evolved into a little project that would have women all around Australia screaming for more!

After complaining about my extreme fly-aways (you know what I'm talking about - those pesky hairs that start to grow back after your hair falls out after having a baby), and not having any time at all to devote to my hair with two small boys, my genius mother suggested that I should try wearing a headband.

My mind immediately turned to those old plastic headbands with the spikes that I wore 20 years ago to school, and I cringed in disbelief!  It was bad enough that my hair looked the way it did, but to then add an ugly, uncomfortable, plastic headband?  No thanks!

But being the amazing woman she is, mum suggested that we could make a fabric one - something with a little funk that I could just throw on in the morning and that would give my whole look a little lift!

And that's where my grandma came in - with sewing experience spanning more than six decades, she and mum started playing around with fabric and design and spent hours over the sewing machine perfecting the look.

Not only did we create the perfect headband, but the bonding experience was also truly amazing.  Three generations of women, with over a hundred years combined sewing experience, coming together to help women feel good and look good during their motherhood journey.

Our headbands are now being worn all around Australia by lots of different women.  They've been packed in hospital bags (great idea - who has time to do their hair once baby arrives?!); worn by mums who haven't been able to shower for three days (we've all been there!); thrown on by ladies running out the door with three kids in tow; and even by my childless younger sisters who just think they're cool!

A huge thank you to my mum and grandma for working with me on this little project - I love you both!

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