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March 22, 2016

Guest post by Roshnee from Pretty Tidy Roshnee

My name is Roshnee, I am almost 39 and I have a 2 and 4 year old. I’ve been a size 10 my whole adult life. Im 173cm and weigh 59kg.

And I have 'the pouch'.

You know? The 'ive had 2 pregnancies in 3 years and while I’m physically the fittest I’ve ever been, I have a gut pouch.

Even when I dipped to underweight (stress/heavy baby who ate half my meals/walking all day every day with crying kid strapped to me) I still had a muffin top. I still had the pouch.

I used to live in tank tops/blouses tucked in to slim pencil skirts. Or low slung jeans.

But it's true what they say - your body shape changes.

Now if you're a person who has either gotten lucky/worked their ass off /won the genetic jackpot and you don't have the pouch OR if you think I’m a vapid person for lamenting my old body then now's the time to turn off.

After I had my first difficult baby my whole life changed. I went from successful executive to 'what the heck am I doing, why is my baby crying non stop (she had silent reflux) will I ever get more than 1 hour sleep at a time?' and I lost a lot of my friendship circle.

The reason I brushed my hair and put on a lil make up every day (and refused to wear trackies) had little to do with vanity and everything to do with trying to find the 'old' me ... the one that wasn't anxious, the one that wasn't sleep deprived and the one who wasn't struggling with life every day.

This leads me to pouch concealment. I you looked at me you'd say I was slim. But in fact, I am a magician.

A pouch magician.

I realised very quickly that my old uniform of pencil skirts and tank tops wouldn't cut it.

So I found clothing and brands that allowed me to become said magician.

My key items include denim shorts (because I’m walking all day and end up a sweaty mess) as they loosen up and 'fit' your body, tops that are fitted but not tight (yes, there's a difference) or flowy but slightly cropped tops (because just flowy signals potential pregnancy).

I only wear jeans or pants that are super stretchy but thick (aka not leggings) ... And the key - the rise. Go high. Not necessarily 'up to your boobs' uber trendy length, but high enough that the pouch isn't highlighted. Its a smooth line from your legs to your tummy. It doesn't 'cut' and therefore doesn't highlight.

One of the things that drew me towards 'Blossom & Glow' was the fact that they get it. They get pouch concealment. Im looking forward to autumn when I can rock the Kylie Ripped Pants (not low waist, super stretchy and flattering with cool ripped knee detail to also detract from pouch) and the Call It A Day top (flowy but not too long, enough detail to disguise pouch (now sold out)).

Other pouch disguisers include the Arcadia Stripe Tee, Blush Transition Top, and Arcadia Draped Jersey Tee.

If you've gotten to the end of this blog post and still think 'good lord! you've had 2 kids, just get over it' I remind you again that at the heart of this, it's about finding yourself after losing yourself.

And if you didn't have that experience post baby then that's really awesome and cool. But if you did then maybe you know why.

Roshnee is a gorgeous mum of two kids, an interior lover, and storage designer. You can follower her on instagram here. Pretty Tidy Roshnee Pretty Tidy Roshnee

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