The Bump Diaries : Week 22

October 02, 2017

The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks

It was good news from my morphology scan a few weeks back – everything is on track. Both babes are measuring exactly where they should be if they were just a singleton pregnancy, so I am basically carrying 2 x full sized 22 week old babes around with me.

I’ve found myself getting more tired again this week but I am surprisingly upbeat despite bed time being a lot earlier. I’ve also been finding it hard to get comfortable – my stomach is so hard and tight and my feet/ankles are pretty swollen by the end of the day.

I did a big clean out of Emmy’s room this week – packed away winter clothes and ones that don’t fit and stored all the toys she no longer plays with. The room will soon need to fit 2 cots, so space creation is top of the agenda.

I’ve started to make a list of all essential items for hospital and that first week at home – pads, granny undies, pads, feeding tops, pads, nipple cream, pads, prunes, pads… it’s been 3 years since I packed a hospital bag - is there anything you think is a must have item?

Wearing: The very very flattering Lucy Tee Dress (coming soon!) + Isla Jeggings

The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks Thanks to Amy Shipp from Mum Life Project who is currently pregnant with twins, and Jade from Hipster Mumfor collaborating on this amazing project!

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