The Bump Diaries : 24 Weeks

March 31, 2016

The Bump Diaries : 24 Weeks

“This month my husband left his job to start his own business - there are so many new beginnings in my house! - and I’ve found myself living on adrenaline and afternoon naps to get things done.

When I take a moment to lie down, I feel the baby kick and flip, like he’s coughing or hiccuping or swearing at me uncontrollably!

This week is the first time I actually don’t fit into ANY of my normal clothes anymore. Lucky I found this ah-mazing collared Hamptons Shirt. I wear it as a dress, pop on some overly bright lipstick and suddenly everything is do-able in the world again."

  Following the pregnancy of the incredibly beautiful   Nikki Fletcher ; Jade from  Hipster Mum and I will aim to document Nikki's journey, including the highs and lows of pregnancy, and of course, how to style the bump in chic, practical and ridiculously comfy maternity gear that every mama-to-be needs.  They say that pregnancy is the happiest reason to feel crap, but when you're decked out in Blossom & Glow, at least you'll never look it! 24weeks-6040 24weeks-6070 24weeks-6104-2

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