The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks

March 17, 2016

The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks

"This week, most days, I've burst into tears randomly, my emotions completely unpredictable - even to me. When my husband said he's planning a boys camping weekend with our other two littles, my first reaction wasn't to jump for joy at two days of uninterrupted rest... instead all I could think was 'what if you all die in a car accident and I'm left to deliver & raise this baby on my own?! Getting used to my jumbled emotions & anxious thoughts is as much a part of pregnancy as getting used to the bump."

Following the pregnancy of the incredibly beautiful   Nikki Fletcher , Jade from Hipster Mum and I will aim to document Nikki's journey, including the highs and lows of pregnancy, and of course, how to style the bump in chic, practical and ridiculously comfy maternity gear that every mama-to-be needs.  They say that pregnancy is the happiest reason to feel crap, but when you're decked out in Blossom & Glow, at least you'll never look it!   The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks The Bump Diaries : 22 Weeks

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