My Baby Is Schooling Me!

August 30, 2015

Guest Post by Siobhan from  MeOhMy


My baby is schooling me!

As mums we’re charged with teaching our little ones about the world. We’re their providers, protectors, carers and educators. We teach them their early learning ABCs, their hand eye coordination, their first words and how to behave. We’re meant to be the fountain of knowledge.


But I have a confession to make – I don’t know shit. I’m winging this. And the majority of the time, I feel like my little guy is the one doing the teaching.

I once heard the saying “I gave him life, he taught me the meaning of it” and it’s so true. I am definitely the one being schooled!

As I’m sure many mums would agree, how much he’s taught me since he was born 15 months ago astounds me.

Little buddy, not only have you taught me what life means, you’ve also taught me so much about myself, such as…:

Unselfish love – I would put your needs before my own every single time. Just yesterday I bought you (yet more) clothes when I haven’t bought any for myself in weeks, and that really hurt ;) No, in all seriousness, I would throw myself into oncoming traffic if it meant you didn’t get hurt. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Patience – I’ve always known how impatient I am, but you’re teaching me to just take things as they come, go with the flow and take life as it happens. It’s a work in progress, but I’m learning. Like when you climb into the dishwasher while I’m trying to unpack it, and I literally get just one glass put away before having to give up, yet again. I’m trying to learn to love those repeated trips across the room to save you from almost breaking your neck after climbing onto the couch then windowsill!

Goodbye order – I’ve learned just how much life will never be orderly again. It’s now full of vomit, poo, snot, mud and dirt! Baby poo stains that never come off, walking out of the house with rusk in your hair despite having just washed it just before you left…these are the realities of mum life.

To enjoy the little things – I used to have a life jam packed with ‘stuff’. Things to do, plans to make, jobs to complete, exercise to fit in, material things to buy, projects to work on. Now, I can be happy spending an entire day with you and no one or nothing else. Just us, a walk or two, your smiles, your giggles, me trying to do funny voices when reading stories and that’s it. Oh, but I do need to at least head out for a coffee, sorry pal ;)

Not to overextend myself – I get way too stressed too easily and life just isn’t meant to be that high paced all the time. I’m learning to slow down, smell the roses and take pleasure in the little things.

That nothing goes to plan – Life with you is unpredictable, something that my routine-obsessed OCD pre-mum self would have hated. But now, I’m trying to be ok with mess and a lack or organization.

Be patient with me, little one. I’m learning as I go, and as you grow.

Over and above this list, you’ve taught me that nothing really matters but family - That you, your dad and your sister who will be joining us shortly are my centre and my universe. That this is the most important job in the world and is all I ‘need’ to be doing.

  Siobhan is a mum of one gorgeous boy, with another on the way (due October 2015).  From news to celeb gossip, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, interiors, events, wellness, fitness and all things in between, Siobhan will keep you entertained while you’re trying to get your little one off to sleep, or when you need a quiet moment to yourself to laugh, enjoy, learn and realise that you’re not alone on this crazy rollercoaster that is motherhood.  Follow her journey on her website or on instagram.  Siobhan wears our amazing Stripe Tube Tee which is available here.

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