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February 01, 2018

We are thrilled to have Gemma from Dress Your Best join us as a contributor this month!  Gemma is a Melbourne based Personal Stylist who believes what you wear can change your life.  She helps women create wardrobes full of outfits specific to their style needs.  

The struggle is real when is comes to leaving the house with kids. Once they are all dressed and finally ready, there’s not much time left to get ourselves together. As a mum of two and Stylist, I’ve found the easiest way to cope with the crazy (and appear somewhat in control) is to rely on a mama uniform. A core collection of pieces that can be easily mixed and matched no matter what the day may bring.

School/childcare drop off

Stress levels are high enough on these hectic mornings so keep things simple and play around with styling rather than too many tricky layers.

School/childcare drop off

[ Blush Linen Dress, Maddie Tee, Vintage Roll Jeans]

Park trip

Park dates can be a serious workout for mamas as well! Between slide assistance and snack breaks, it can mean a lot of bending and running. I favour pants/joggers or a dress with length and flexibility so you can be stylish but also be practical.

Park Trip

[ Lochs Harme Pants, Maddie Tee, and   Mable Dress]

Office plus pickup

If you need to do some work outside the home or just look a little bit polished, having some items that can be dressed up is key. The beauty of these looks is they look just as great with heels as they do with sneakers for the childcare pickup.

[ Sail Away Dress, Bold Tee, and Classic Culottes]

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