5 Minutes with Rhiannon from the Wellbeing Web

January 10, 2018

We recently sat down with the amazing Rhiannon, life and wellbeing coach, from  The Wellbeing Web to find out a little more about her, her daily rituals, and who inspires her.

Where did the idea for The Wellbeing Web first come from, and what led you to decide to pursue it?

The idea for The Wellbeing Web first came as a result of my time as a primary school teacher. I learnt that a mum’s wellbeing directly impacted a child’s happiness and learning experience in the classroom. I remember reflecting on the question, “Why are mums not taking care of themselves?” This was before I was a mum myself and didn’t understand the challenges. It was when I became a mum myself I began to fully understand why mums weren’t looking after themselves (the time factor, busyness, exhaustion, caring for their children, running the household, working and so on). Despite knowing the challenges I knew how powerful self-care was to mums so I was determined to share my message. Our children need us to slow down and take care of ourselves in small ways every day – as mums we need to lead the way.

How has being a  mother influenced you and what you do? 

Becoming a mother was life-changing for me and greatly influenced my decision to launch my own business. Motherhood challenged my commitment to my wellbeing practices, as it was a call to see if I could consistently walk my wellbeing talk. Two months after I had my first child, my lung collapsed, I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know if I was going to make it. This experience was a huge wake up call and ultimately was the catalyst to launching The Wellbeing Web. During the first six years of motherhood I had to navigate severe sleep deprivation (three years with each of my children) and I know that without my daily wellbeing practices, my marriage may not have survived and my wellbeing would have been non-existent.

What actions and practices do you incorporate into your daily routine that nourish you?

Each morning I spend a little time setting the tone for my day which only takes a couple of minutes and in essence is my morning wellbeing routine. My routine consists of my PAP (Positive Action Plan) tool where I ask myself three key questions as I wake up in the morning, followed by 10 minutes of meditation. Throughout the day, I pause and breathe often, as a way to check-in with myself to see how I am feeling. These wellbeing tools help maintain my wellbeing (regardless of the chaos that sometimes surrounds me) and bring a deeper level of presence as I move through my day.

What is the one thing that a new mum should try do every single day?

It would be brilliant if every new mum prioritised her wellbeing. As mums, we often put ourselves last on our to-do list, however, scheduling in a little time for self-care each day (especially in the morning) is a wonderful wellbeing practice. A mum’s wellbeing not only benefits how she feels but all those around her – especially her family.

Who are some other people or businesses that inspire you?                 

Oh there are so many people I admire and who also inspire me. Some I know personally, such as Julie Parker, Jade McKenzie, Danielle Price, Danielle Ross Walls, Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo and others who I’m yet to meet in person (but hopefully will one day) such as Emma Isaacs, Gabrielle Bernstein, Brené Brown, Ellen, and Oprah. They are all authentic, generous and strong women doing brilliant work in the world.


You can find out more about the amazing Rhiannon here.

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